How to Make Your Move as Speedy as Can Be: Part 1

September 14, 2017

residential moving company

Chances are, you're going to have to move at least once in your life. Whether it's going away to college or moving across the country for an awesome job opportunity, almost everyone will have to pack up their life away in cardboard boxes at some point or another.

Plus, considering that 23% of adults say the place they consider to be their home in their heart isn't where they're living now, moving may be required to make some individuals happy. But many people dread the moving and storage process as a whole because of the sheer enormity of the task at hand. Fortunately, our residential moving contractors are big believers in the fact that moving doesn't have to be stressful, as long as you follow these tips!

  • Invest in sturdy cardboard boxes
    While you may think it's a good idea to reuse some old boxes you've previously received in the mail, if they have already been through the postal system they're most likely too weak to handle your valuables. Recycle these boxes and invest in brand-new sturdy cardboard containers and you won't have to worry about things falling and breaking.

  • Clean as you go
    You don't want to wait until everything is put away in boxes to clean your home. So to get your security deposit back without any excess stress, clean your home as you go. This way, if you notice something has a difficult stain or is broken, you'll have time to adequately fix it before inspection.

  • Pack per room
    Bouncing from room to room when you are trying to pack and clean can just make the whole experience go by slowly as chances are you won't be concentrating. Plus when you unpack, this will make the situation even more confusing! So pack room by room and label your boxes -- on all four sides -- so you'll be able to sort with ease.

  • Call a professional
    A professional residential moving company can work wonders in taking the taking the stress out of your moving day. They can offer storage options for bigger items and can help you with the grunt work of moving all your valuables. These angels of convenience will really be able to help you out on the big day.

There are plenty more tips and tricks to be had when it comes to making your moving go by as quick as possible. So keep an eye out for our next blog for more residential moving company-approved hacks to try out.