Move For Hunger: A Partnership We're Proud Of

August 23, 2018

residential moving contractor

You may have seen that Reliable Delivery is a partner of the international non-profit Move for Hunger, but like many, you may not have heard of this life-changing organization. Take a second to hear what Move for Hunger is all about and why we're so proud to support them.

The average American moves about a dozen times in their life. In that time, many things are packed and unpacked. Many things are thrown away to make for an easier move. Some of those things are non-perishable food items. Move for Hunger began with the idea that this wasted food could be going towards the 41 million Americans, your own neighbors, who face going hungry every day. Pretty simple, right?

The coolest thing about Move for Hunger is how simple it really is. You're already moving, and you already need a residential moving contractor. You can hire one of the many trusted moving companies who are Move for Hunger partners, quickly pack a box with your extra non-perishable foodstuffs, and the movers take care of the rest. You have fewer things to unpack, and later they drop your box off at your local food pantry. Barely any effort is made, yet Americans in need get fed because of it. Genius.

Move for Hunger is pretty broad about who can partner, citing all "relocation companies". This means all residential moving contractors, commercial moving services, and local movers can take part. As of 2018, Move for Hunger has over 1,000 partners located across Canada and all 50 United States. The result? As of August 2018, the program has helped deliver more than 11,479,245 pounds of food, which they equate to a whopping 9,566,038 meals for Americans and Canadians in need.

San Diego is no exception to the hunger crisis. An estimated 447,000 citizens of San Diego County are living on incomes low enough to put them at risk for hunger, and over a third of those 447,000 are children. Reliable Delivery is proud to be able to collect local donations from our moving clients to keep the shelves stocked at the San Diego Food Bank.

Hopefully, you'll be inspired to pack up some non-perishables for us on your next move.