The 5 Most Common Reasons People Move

March 29 2016

residential moving serviceThe average American moves around 12 times in their life. That may sound like a lot, but think about it. You're born in one home. Maybe your mom or dad gets a promotion and the family relocates to another city. You move into the college dorms; you get your first apartment. Then, you probably have a series of apartments after that since 33% of renters move every year. You buy your first home, and on, and on, and on until your final move to that magical apartment complex in the sky.

Some people are more nomadic than others. Some (57%, to be precise) never leave their home state.

Reasons People Move

  1. Job change:Oftentimes, people have to relocate for a promotion or a new job in another city, state, or even country. Sometimes people simply move to a neighborhood closer to their current job to avoid the long commute.

  2. Relationship status:You might finally be taking that next step in your relationship by moving in with your significant other. You might be leaving after a breakup. You could also be getting married and looking for your first home. Relationships are very common reasons for people to move.

  3. Financial change:If times are tough, you may not be able to afford your current rent; you’ll have no choice but to find a cheaper place. On the other hand, maybe you just won the lottery and are looking to upgrade to a mansion or a castle!

  4. Family size:If your family is expanding, you’re going to need more space for all those nurseries and playrooms, so you’ll want a bigger house. Or, if your children are all grown up and moving into the college dorms, you won’t need all those empty rooms anymore, taking up space, reminding you of the good old days.

  5. Boredom:Some people just can’t sit still. Those with wanderlust want to see it all, and that means moving wherever your heart takes you.

So, it's time to move again. You know the drill. You are certainly going to need help, so you hire a residential moving service. Some of your stuff you have sent over to a storage rental for safekeeping, but the rest of it will be delivered to your new home by professional furniture movers, or antique furniture movers if you're fancy. You wouldn't trust anyone other than a reputable residential moving service to transport your valuables safely and securely.