“Just used Reliable Delivery again. Again, I'm 100% satisfied. These guys are professional movers. No gimmicks, no games, no worries. I travel quite frequently for business and need storage. Reliable Delivery also has a storage option. Perfect!”.

Storage Rental San Diego

San Diego storage company Reliable Delivery offers convenient storage units at our secured storage warehouse facility conveniently located in central San Diego.

Simple Delivery to and from Storage

Forget the hassle of renting a truck or having to hire a moving company and rent space at a separate storage facility, we make the process si easy. We’ll send you a quote and agreement for both moving and storage. Our team will pick up, shrink-wrap, blanket-wrap and store your belongings for you. When you’re ready to receive your items, just let us know and we’ll schedule a delivery date for you.

Added Furniture Protection

Get the added furniture protection you need and cannot get at a self-storage facility. For the protection of your furniture, all pieces will be shrink-wrapped prior to storage. For a small additional fee, we’ll also paper-wrap all the furniture and/or blanket-wrap it providing even more protection from any nicks or scratches that can occur when moving and storing items.

Hassle-Free Storage

  • Storage-Vault
  • SD Reliable Storage

Need long-term storage, but you may need items out of storage here and there? Don’t want the hassle of rummaging through a self-storage unit to find what you’re looking for? We inventory all items prior to being stored. Just call us and we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and schedule a delivery date for you.

Flexible Timing Options

We offer convenient daily and monthly rates on all our storage units. If you plan to store for a minimum of 30 days, you’ll receive our monthly rates. Only need to store for a week while you get your new place ready? No problem, we also offer daily storage rates, something you won’t find at self-storage facilities.

Secured Warehouse Facility

Security is a top priority and therefore we take every precaution. Our warehouse is gated with 24-hour video surveillance and state-of-the-art alarm systems. We value our customers’ confidence in our services and work to maintain trust and safety at all times.

Size Guide

5’ x 7’ unit (280 cu. ft.)

5-7 small to medium pieces of furniture

10’ x 7’ unit (560 cu. ft.)

Small 1-bedroom apartment

15’ x 7’ unit (840 cu. ft.)

1-2 bedroom apartment

20’ x 7’ unit (1120 cu. ft.)

Large 2-bedroom apartment

25’ x 7’ unit (1400 cu. ft.)

3-bedroom apartment


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size storage unit I need?

Create a list of the items that you are going to be storing. Choosing the right size unit will ensure that you only pay for the storage you need. Review our size guide above to determine exactly what size you will need.

How long can I store my items for?

We offer convenient daily and monthly rates on all our storage units. If you plan to store for a minimum of 30 days, you will receive our monthly rates. If you only need to store for less than 30 days you can take advantage of our daily storage rates.

How do I get my items into and out of storage?

Reliable Delivery will pick-up, store and deliver all your items for you. Just complete our online Request a Quote form and make sure to check the ‘Do you require storage’ box. We’ll send you a quote including our storage rates right away.

Will my items be protected while in storage?

Our daily and monthly storage rates include furniture shrink-wrapping.  All furniture pieces placed into storage units will be shrink-wrapped. For an additional cost, you can choose to have your furniture paper-wrapped and/or blanket-wrapped before being stored.  

Can I access my items while they are in storage?

Our units are not accessible to customers. If you’ll need something out of storage, just let us know and we will deliver it to you. Regular delivery charges will apply.


*Restrictions apply to promotional offer. Contact us for details.

Reliable Delivery provides award-winning moving services every step of the way. Your moving experience starts by requesting a quote online. Just complete the short online form as accurately a possible, the more accurate the information provided is, the more accurate your quote will be. Make sure to check the ‘Do you require storage’ box to receive our storage rates.